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More about Whatlock

Whatlock is a unique magnetic lock system

The lock is fixed to the inside of a door, where it is invisible from the outside. To unlock it, a magnetic ‘key’ is held over the lock. It locks automatically when the door is closed.

Why choose Whatlock?

The lock has featured on ‘Tomorrow’s World’, been acclaimed by the Design Council for Innovation, and has been given a Gold Award from the Furniture Industries Research Association.

Where can I use Whatlock?
You can use Whatlock in many places around the home and office. Move your mouse over the diagram below to see where you can use Whatlock. It will operate through glass, wood, ceramic tiles, laminates and non-ferrous metals. It is suitable for doors up to 26 mm (1 inch) thick.

Click here to get a picture of the diagram showing where you can use Whatlock.

How do I install Whatlock?
Whatlock is easy to install with the special fitting template and instructions included in the pack. You simply place the self-adhesive template on the inside of the cupboard door, mark the holes to be made, then close the door. The self-adhesive template then transfers to the door, meaning the places marked for lock and latch are accurately marked for you.